About Us

Faded Bar

We are innovators in the Delta-8 Market with over 10 years experience in the vaping and hemp industry. Our team includes a hardware engineer, a dedicated flavor expert, and a group of devoted staff to fulfill your order in our GMP-certified facility

Feel the Power of Delta-8

Clean & Powerful Delta-8

We use premium hemp-derived Delta-8 in all of our products. We have formulated our products with unique terpene strains for exceptional flavor and potency. Using a special ceramic device, we have created a great-tasting experience for consumers.

Commitment to Safety & Adult Usage

Stop Youth Access

Faded Bar is committed to ensuring that our products are safe and accessible by adults only. With our child-proof packaging and Youth Prevention pledge, we want to create a responsible standard in the hemp industry. We expect all of our partners to join us in our mission to keep our products out of the hands of under age users by adhering to local state and federal laws (18+ or 21+ depending upon jurisdiction).

More to Come

We’re just getting started

Our products are a result of extensive research and development. From our unique hardware device, to custom terpene profiles, we use consumer feedback to create products which give you the best Delta-8 experience. Look for our new flavors and newest products.