If you purchased from and something is wrong with your purchase you may be entitled to a refund as long as we are notified on the same day that you have received your item. Refunds are not guaranteed and no returns will be given if you have not contacted us within 24 hours of your delivery date of your product. You will need to send back the unused portion of your product before being issued a refund or exchange. A restocking fee may apply.

For all refund issues for orders orders made via,  we ask you to contact us on our contact form with your order number and tracking number.

Please be aware that we do not process refunds for products purchased at retail locations. If you purchased our products at a retail location or through another online vendor, you will need to deal directly with the store or website where you made the purchase. We cannot independently verify what happens to our product after it has been received by our vendors.

Delta-8 can affect everyone differently so a user’s expected effectiveness of our products does not warrant a valid reason for a refund. 

If a product arrives damaged and unusable you must notify us the day of product arrival,. Please use our contact form and include your order number and a brief description of the issue.

In the event of a legitimate exchange for non-functional or damaged products, return shipping will depend on the product ordered, and the options we have available to us.Please do not ship anything back to us without consulting us first. If you ship product back to us in a more expensive way than otherwise available, you will be responsible for the difference between the higher and lower shipping rates.

We retain the right to deny any refund for any reason. We also retain the right to deny service or sales to any person, business, or entity for any reason.